• Digital Stereo and Transmitted Light Photomicrography Services

  • Ascidian LM Microscope Slide & TEM micrography Collections

Cell and Structural Biology                                                                  

Reports, Publications & Submissions

  • Peer-Review Publications, Posters, and Powerpoint Oral Presentations.
  • Data Analysis, Graphic Display, and Digital Imagery

Biological and Immune Assays:

  • Tissue histology
  • Cell ultrastructure, image analysis
  • Immunohistochemical localization of cells in tissues
  • Cell surface flow cytometry

Data Analysis and Display:

  • Digital Image Analysis
  • Graphic Data Display
  • Photo editing
  • Webpage design


Zeiss AxioLab.A1 Photomicroscope

2.5X - 40X N Achroplan Objectives

QImaging 5.0 megapixel MicroPublisher Camera

QCapture Image Software

StereoZoom Photomicroscope

0.5X - 4.5 Zoom Lens

Dual Fiber Optic Illumination

Technical Support:   Micro-Tech Optical
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